The SeqArt Sketchbook

The SeqArt Sketchbook

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SeqArt is the comic book sketchbook!

SeqArt is a sketchbook with comic book panels on the pages to help illustrators of all experience levels practice sequential art.

  • 64 pages of illustration quality 120 gsm paper.
  • Each page is printed with one of 30 unique comic book panel layoutsThese designs were developed by studying the panel layouts of some of the masters of illustration; including Will Esiner, Jack Kirby, and Dave Gibbons. 
  • Spiral bound, with a durable front and back cover.

The SeqArt sketchbook was designed by a pro illustrator to be an easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to become a better sequential artist.

The simple prompt of having blank panels to fill in on the page provides a guided practice for developing stories in the illustrated medium. 

Any good artist can tell you that practice is the key to mastering your craft. The SeqArt sketchbook provides you with the jumping off point to advance your skills in narrative art and create better comics than ever!

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