The California Bear Flag is definitely the coolest flag on earth.

Does any other flag even come close to being as cool as California's iconic Bear Flag?

Old Glory is a beaut', but it comes with a lot of drama.

The Jolly Roger is a great flag for sure, but a little overdone by hipsters and vacation home owners.

Don't sleep on Kiribati, either, their shit is dope. 

But if we're talking about pure rockability, Kiribati can't keep up wtih Cali. The Bear Flag has great colors, a cool bear, and limited problematic backstory.

It's also the second most illustrated flag that I can think of (only behind Kiribati) in that it shows a character in action. The bear is walking and smiling, just like I frequently am. How relatable.

I've always loved the Bear Flag, and I always wanted it on a shirt just like this. I pictured it in my head years ago: the borderless Bear Flag on a 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt in white and green. So when I got the chance to design some shirts, I had to bring it to life.

Perfect for Californians and Californiphiles alike. Or even if you're just into cool flag designs, or bears, or walking and smiling. Honestly, it's a really versatile shirt. 

Click here to pick one up. Also available with black sleeves or blue sleeves, and on a mug.

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