SeqArt Is The Comic Book Sketchbook!

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SeqArt comic book sketchbook

SeqArt is the comic-book sketchbook...

It's the quintessential sketchbook for sequential artists. SeqArt is the secret weapon for illustrators who are ready to take their art to the next level.

  • It has 64 pages of spiral bound illustration-quality, 120 GSM paper.
  • Each page is printed with one of 30 custom comic book panel layouts.
  • These designs were developed by studying the panel layouts of some of the masters of illustration, including Will Esiner, Jack Kirby, and Dave Gibbons. 


  • Every page is a uniquely intriguing prompt to approach sequential art.
  • It's an illustrator's secret weapon in completing the 10,000 hours of practice it takes to master the art of comics. 
  • Plus a durable front and back cover which makes it perfect for artists on the go. 

The SeqArt sketchbook is simple to use-- just open to any page and start drawing.

SeqArt comic book sketchbookSeqArt Bay Bridge comic

Developing an illustration by starting with established panels THEN filling in the art and story is like playing a piece of improvised music.

SeqArt sequential art sketchbook

The panels are your beat; sometimes they're simple and direct, sometimes they're a little more snazzy. You start noodling and doodling, getting loose and letting ideas flow. Suddenly you find a riff and the piece just seems to write itself.

 SeqArt sequential art sketchbook lone star racer

Illustration, sequential art, COMICS! It's a lot like jazz as an art form. If you practice your craft and push your boundaries, you will continue to learn and grow as an artist. Practice long enough, push yourself hard enough, and you can follow in the footsteps of the masters. Eisner, Kirby, Ditko, Gibbons, Miller, and you!

But it's a long road to get there, and it start's with a single comic: the next one you draw. 

So what'll it be? Where do you begin? How do you get over a blank page?

SeqArt sequential artist sketchbook

The SeqArt sketchbook is your secret weapon. There are a million ways to use it, and they'll all make you a better illustrator:

  • Open to any page and start drawing.
  • Fill a page a day.
  • Use it as your diary.
  • Use it as a travelogue for your next trip.
  • Write a comic with a friend over lunch. 
  • Illustrate the lyrics to your favorite song.
  • Buy one for a friend or family member- it's a gift that any artist will love and learn from.
  • Work out your ideas, break out of your routines, push your boundaries, and DO YOUR REPS!

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