Pro wrestling is ready for a cultural resurgence following an internal creative renaissance.

I've been working in my SeqArt tonight, coloring big Lars Sullivan while watching WWE NXT in the background. 

Lars Sullivan swan comic

I love pro wrestling, don't mind telling you. It's a great storytelling medium. It's an art, it's a sport, and it's still real to me, dammit. 

WWE is typically my least favorite variety of pro wrestling. It's mostly a kids show, and you have to keep that in mind when you're watching it. But there are niches and weird little pockets all over the world where you'll find a cultivated appreciation for a more refined form of the art. 

One of them is within WWE. NXT is a smaller brand under their corporate umbrella. It's run by HHH (the former wrestler who married into the McMahon family and may be the heir apparent to Vince) who has called it a product for a "niche audience", referring to adult pro wrestling fans. 

Lars is in the main event. He's facing a guy named Aleister Black who is from Amsterdam, and he is the object of the story I wrote about Lars in my head while drawing the piece. I started drawing it before they ever met on TV, and now they are fighting for the championship. I'm rooting for Lars.

On the undercard is Ricochet versus the Velveteen Dream. Ricochet has reigned as one of the best high flyers in the world for years before coming to NXT. Dream is a young up and comer who is crazy athletic and throbs charisma. It's an awesome match. Whether you're a lapsed fan, or just in the closet about watching Monday Night Raw, or even just a little pro-wrestling curious, check out this match. 

I'm not even going to tell you how good it is, I'm just going to tell you this: pro wrestling is going to be cool again. I understand that it's not very cool right now. I get that and I'm ok with it. But mark my words- it will be cool again, and soon.

And when that day comes-- when you are at the bar after work, and some jabroni named Gary tells you his friend Bill showed him the latest Shinsuke Nakamura match and that's why Gary is wearing a "King Of Strong Style" tee shirt-- you can tell Gary that you were a fan of the Velveteen Dream when he was still underground. And they will be so impressed, because you really know your shit about pro wrestling, which is super cool. Then Gary's girlfriend will dump him so she can hook up with you, and Bill will die a few months later driving drunk. And Gary will wear his Nakamura shirt to the funeral, which is actually not that appropriate because it is bright fucking red, Gary. D-R-E-A-M kiiiiiiids.

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