"My Name Is Otto"; Watercolors On Moleskine In Tribute To The Simpsons

My Name Is Otto scan

Otto Mann was a huge influence on me. "Smells like Otto's jacket" and "My shoes are talkin'" are some of the earliest drug references that I remember getting. That's when I learned a lesson that still ring true today: drugs are cool.

Now don't get me wrong! You shouldn't do crack, crystal meth, or heroin. But just about anything else...

Sometimes I struggle with composition and layout but this one just flowed right out of me. A little vino rojo and a few puffs of the happy stuff to grease the creative wheels, and I freehanded this one in about an hour with my trusty Pentel Graph Gear 1000.

I kept the ink pretty subtle with 03, 05, and 08 micron pens. Then I added some black with a sharpie and a few warm grey tones. I was going for a look that was obviously very close to the classic Simpsons aesthetic with just a bit more rendering.

The color really sets up the gag of this piece. Otto has his head back, eyes closed, lit joint in the air. He's feeling the music and soaring in his own world. Unfortunately, he's also behind the wheel of a school bus.

Otto Mann

I love a good white paint pen. Well placed highlights give this piece just a bit more dimension and little groove . I used a few colored pencils to give him some tone under his eyes as well. 

Time to get blotto.

The original piece is available for sale, shoot me an e-mail at bomc81@gmail.com if you're interested. Prints will be available at upcoming conventions. 


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