Help Me Write This Comic So I Can Finish Illustrating It

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I started drawing this comic in my SeqArt sketchbook, and I'm not sure how to finish it. I've got a pretty good start but I can't go any further on it until I get an idea of the script- who are these characters, where are they, and what are they doing?

Help me plug in those details and I'll finish the comic.

I'll give you a co-writer credit on it and a Good At Drawing tee-shirt if I use your script. 

All you have to do is write out your version of the story for the comic and send it to me via Facebook, Instagram, the comments section at the bottom of the page, or however you get in touch with me. You can even just buy me a beer and tell me about your idea, if that works best for you. Heck, you can buy me 2 beers if you want. 

Don't worry too much about script format. Just tell me the story and do your best to make it readable. We'll collaborate on a final script before putting it in ink. 

I've assigned letters to the characters and written out a loose sense of what I think is happening here. Take your liberties with it, but also don't. Stick to the script. But feel free to get loose with it (as long as you generally stick to the script).

OK, let me tell you a little bit about this piece...

I wanted to draw an angry mob. 

I've been seeing a lot of them around lately, and that was the only impulse I was following when I started drawing. I sketched out the crowd in the first panel of the first page fast and nasty, and while doing so I found a few characters in it. 

SeqArt mobbin

Page 1: 4 characters-- A, B, C, & D-- are walking amongst an angry mob. B taps A on the shoulder and says something which stuns or perplexes A, then C chimes in as well. 

Then I started to see the characters talk to each other and interact. I got to the end of the first page and found a really natural transition into the second. Sometimes the pages of the SeqArt offer up little symmetrical surprises that lead you from one to the next.

SeqArt Mobbin

Page 2: C and B press their point until A gets fed up and snaps at them. Then D interrupts the moment when they call the mob to attention. Perhaps they have arrived at their purpose. 

I could feel this interaction develop and the conversation had a certain natural rhythm to it. I started to feel something escalating, building toward a big reveal. I turned the page again and the SeqArt gave me this nice big panel for a punchline and quick payoff. 

SeqArt mobbin

Page 3: D addresses the mob. Over his shoulder we see the purpose of the mob, which is somehow contradictory to the ideas that A expressed on the previous page. This is the gag. A takes it in, then storms off while delivering one final punchline to which B and C react. 

So now I've got 3 pages, 4 characters, and half a sense of the rhythm for a story. I don't really know who the characters are, or what they're angry mobbin' about. Maybe they've got protest signs, maybe they've got pitchforks. These could be superheroes, or pro-wrestlers, or zombies, or the fired members of Trump's cabinet. What are they marching towards? What's that big third panel reveal? What is the turn in the story that pays off a set-up and what's that set-up?

So what's the story?

Submit your version now and keep an eye on Good At Drawing for updates. You can also use this handy form to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on the contest and to see more illustrations from the pages of my personal SeqArt sketchbook...

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