I was into SF Muni before it was undergound.

Everything is always changing, and I hate it.

The best thing about this town is how it used to be. Oh, it used to be amazing. Best city on earth, by far. But it's all turned to shit lately. It's been going down hill ever since about the time you came along, coincidentally. 

Nobody is saying that you ruined San Francisco, don't be defensive. It just feels like a lot of people are starting to think that San Francisco has been much, much worse ever since you came along, but the timing of that is honestly probably just a coincidence.

I mean, I can understand why you probably still like it so much (because you don't know any better) but I've been around the City long enough to remember when it was really great, before you got here.

Sometimes I wish that I could see San Francisco through your eyes; with all of the passion and enthusiasm and naivete. But I can't, because I have too much integrity.

Maybe if you bought a tee shirt you could start being a part of the solution?

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